Who Is Poppy? Everything You Need To Know About The Mysterious YouTuber

20 April 2018, 12:07 | Updated: 3 May 2018, 14:14

who is That Poppy. Picture: other

By Benedict Townsend

We answer the internet's most burning questions about That Poppy

From the moment she arrived on the internet, viral star, singer and overall digital oddity "That Poppy" has beguiled fans with her mysterious backstory and kooky performances. But who is That Poppy, where did she come from, and, most importantly, is Poppy even real? Let's find out as we answer some of the most-asked questions about the mysterious YouTube star.

Is Poppy a real person?

While she is played by a real flesh-and-bones actress, the Poppy persona is a fictional character dreamt up by artist Titan Sinclair.

How old is she?

That Poppy was born on 01/01/1995, making her 23 years old.

So who is the actress who plays Poppy?

The person who currently plays Poppy is an actress, singer and songwriter, and her real name is Moriah Pereira.

What's Moriah Pereia's story?

Born in 1995, Moriah Pereira is originally from Boston, Massachusetts, but moved to Nashville, Tennessee at the age of 13, before relocating to Los Angeles aged 15. She first appeared on YouTube as "Poppy" in 2014, and has been releasing music and vlogs in collaboration with Titan Sinclair ever since.

Find out more about Moriah here.

Is Titan Sinclair dating Poppy?

Titan and Poppy have never confirmed that they are romantically involved with each other, so it's publicly accepted that their relationship is a professional one.

Who was the original Poppy?

While Moriah has played Poppy for several years now, a very similar character named "Mars Argo", who was also created in collaboration with Titanic Sinclair, was previously played by an actress and singer named Brittany Sheets. Brittany and Titan worked together from 2009-2014, and developed a romantic relationship during that time too. However the pair split both romantically and professionally in 2014. Mars would go on to sue Titan for copyright, as well as "Severe Emotional and Psychological Abuse."

Is Poppy on Social Media? What are her handles?

Poppy is indeed on social media. Here's all the links you'll ever need:

Snapchat: ThatPoppy

Instagram: @ImPoppy

YouTube: youtube.com/poppy

Twitter: @Poppy

How tall is Poppy?

Poppy is 5ft 3in, or 160cms.

What's That Poppy's natural hair colour?

Poppy's natural hair colour is dark brown. Her current hair appears to be dyed blonde.

What was Poppy like before she was famous?

Moira Pereira was a musician for a while before she took on the persona of 'That Poppy'.

Are there old pictures of Poppy?

That Poppy before she was famous. Picture: other
That Poppy before she was famous Moriah Pereira. Picture: other
That Poppy before she was famous Moriah Pereira. Picture: other
That Poppy before she was famous Moriah Pereira. Picture: other
That Poppy yearbook photo. Picture: other

Poppy's collaboration with Grimes

In April 2018, Poppy announced an upcoming song with Grimes, however some Grimes fans haven't welcomed the collaboration, given Poppy's relationship with Titan Sinclair, who is accused of mentally abusing Mars Argo.